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Welcome to World Book Day! I hope you are wearing your favourite character costume!

At 9.20 we are having a Book Day Story Event on teams, please join us using this link.

Today’s Learning. Click the link below to watch Mrs Barron reading you her favourite book for World Book Day!

Now it’s your turn – Ask a grown up to read your favourite story to you and tell them why you like it the most! Draw or paint a picture of your favourite character! 



Click the link below to see today’s phonics lesson taught by Mrs Barron.

Now Complete this follow up activity- draw and write some oo words eg room  broom  root  moon  spoon 


Watch this video to see how to order numbers on a numberline 

Now complete this follow up activity-  

Write the numbers 0-10 to make your own numberline. Take turns with your grown up to pick a number and describe it’s position on the numberline. Try to use these words : next to, before, after, in between 

Take a break : Play with your toys or out in the garden for a while. 

Additional Ideas  

Follow these links to activities on the World Book Day site. It’s worth browsing the whole site too as there are loads of fun activities and ideas! 

Watch a story video: 

Go on a book scavenger hunt: 

Aliens word search: 

Story time : Click the link to hear Miss. Parr reading one of her favourite stories: