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Year 5 Bikeability

Year 5 have been taking part in a cycling safety scheme known as bikeability. On the first morning, we all went to meet the bikeability people who were called Michael and Paul. We then went out and got our bikes or used a Nottingham City Council bike to use safely on the streets. We had to do the ABCD check (air, breaks, chain, drop) to ensure that our bikes were safe and roadworthy. Following this, we had to ride our bikes on the road- it was really fun. We had to ride in the primary position (the middle of the lane) so that the cars behind us knew we were there and couldn't overtake us. We learnt how to ride with one hand on both sides. We had to learn this so that we could indicate  to cars behind us that we were turning. Moreover, we also learnt to do a U-turn incase we were going in the wrong direction.

It was fun and exciting and I would definitely do something like it again and I would recommend children at Southglade Primary School do it at school in the future,