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Library Fundraiser-17th May 2019

Library Fundraiser- 17th May 2019

Please read the message below from our wonderful children detailing why our library fundraiser is so important to them:

Please help us! At the moment our library is in complete devastation, it’s so messy we don’t even want to venture up there anymore. It’s such a shame because the space could be eye-popping, exciting and cosy, we just need your help to raise enough money to make it this way. At the moment, we have an incredible design for the new space, which we were so excited to see – it looks incredible! But unfortunately, this makes it quite expensive and school just hasn’t got enough funds. This is why we have decided to arrange a sponsored fundraiser, on the 17th of May, where each phase will think of some super-fun activities to try out. This might be: read for an half-an- hour straight, a sponsored skip or even a sponsored silence. Anything you give us will help, even the smallest amount so please help us to get the library we deserve. We will be so grateful for your help.

So, please will you help us?

Southglade’s Literacy Pupil Focus Group