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Awe and Wonder Week- EXCITING INFORMATION!!!

The week beginning the 25th of February will be a very special week for the children and staff at Southglade Primary School. We will be launching our first Awe and Wonder Week; a week of creative cross- curricula learning that will inspire and motivate the children in our school.


Each year group will have an enquiry question that they will answer collaboratively during the week.

F1:  I wonder... who lives at the zoo?

F2: I wonder what it is like in space?

Y1: I wonder what lies beneath the sea?

Y2: I wonder if everyone's imagination is the same?

Y3: I wonder.. will robots take over the world?

Y4: I wonder... what would England be like without the Vikings?

Y5: I wonder if there's life on other planets?

Y6: I wonder.. what makes a superhero?


Stay tuned to the school website and the year group pages for more information about this exciting week.