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Amazing Poem Written About the Southglade Boat

We were very excited to receive a poem from a member of the local community about the boat that children use to go to on magical adventures. A huge thank-you to Mrs Pearson who wrote this magnificent poem. We cannot wait to read this poem to all of the children in an assembly!


The Magic Boat

There's a boat in our playground

Empty and still

But when we climb aboard

We get such a thrill

We sail to faraway places

With warm sunny beaches

Tall palm trees

And of course no teachers

We play in the sun

Having so much fun

But all too soon a distant bell sounds

Playtime is over

Its time for us to sail back

We've lessons to do

And so much to learn

But at playtime tomorrow we will return

We'll set sail again

Making so many memories

That forever in our dreams

They will remain.