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Summer Term Newsletter

End of Year Expectations in Year 3


  • Choose nouns and adjectives for clarity and cohesion
  • Use conjunctions, adverbs and possessions to express time, cause and place
  • Spell words that are often misspelt from the yr3-4 list
  • Use a dictionary to check a spelling
  • Use appropriate handwriting joins, including unjoined letters
  • Adopt the features of existing texts to shape own writing E.G instructions
  • Use simple organisational devices in non fiction
  • Organise paragraphs around a theme E.G similar content together
  • Develop details of characters, settings & plots in stories e.g. length/ word types
  • Proof read own work for spellings and punctuation errors

  • Compare & order numbers up to 1000.
  • Read & write all numbers to 1000 in digits and words.
  • Find 10 or 100 more/less than a given number.
  • Count from 0 in multiples of 4, 8, 50 and 100.
  • Recall & use multiplication & division facts for 3, 4, 8 tables.
  • Recognise place value of any 3-digit number.
  • Add and subtract:
    • 3-digit nos and ones
    • 3-digit nos and tens
    • 3-digit nos and hundreds
    • Numbers with up to 3-digits using written columnar method.
  • Estimate and use inverse to check.
  • Multiply 2-digit by 1-digit numbers
  • Count up/down in tenths.
  • Compare and order fractions with same denominator.
  • Add and subtract fractions with same denominator with whole.
  • Tell time using 12 and 24 hour clocks; and using Roman numerals.
  • Tell time to nearest minute.