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Science at Southglade


We love science here at Southglade.  We learn through practical, 'hands on' work, developing our scientific skills and knowledge across a range of areas.


Some of the things we learn about include:


Year 1 - Naming plants and animals, seasonal changes and types of materials everyday objects are made from.


Year 2 - How plants grow, crating simple electrical circuits, animal habitats and how everyday materials are used.


Year 3 - human digestion and teeth, rocks and their properties, sound, light, forces and magnets.


Year 4 - Living things and their environments, anatomy and growth of plants, states of matter and electricity.


Year 5 - Life cycles and reproduction of mammals, amphibians and birds, properties of materials (including their solubility, transparency and conductivity), reversible and irreversible changes, space and forces including gravity.


Year 6 - Living things and their habitats, animal and plant classification, the human circulatory system, evolution and adaptation, investigations involving electricity.


Check back for updates showcasing some of the exciting work we have been doing in science at Southglade and for news of special events linked to science such as Science Week.