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Creative Arts at Southglade

Creative arts- Year 5


A group of children from year 5 are currently working on an art project. There focus is Space which links with their topic this term.

The children have been exploring light and dark and use of oil pastels. We have been looking at how to make pictures look 3D how to create texture and depth to a picture.

The children are currently creating a composition using the new skills they have been taught.

They will then be teaching their year group and creating huge pieces of art work. Their role will be to teach their peers what they have learnt. I look forward to posting pictures of this.

Creative Arts at Southglade


Contemporary Dance


Mrs Dowse has been working with the year 6 creative arts group over the last half term. Their focus has been on contemporary dance- this is a style which is a mixture of ballet and modern dance using pieces of music to tell the background story.


The piece focused on anti-bullying and was performed during anti-bullying week- not only to their own school but to Parkvale School and to Robin Hood School.


The children took part in weekly dance sessions where they created the contemporary dance alongside Mrs Dowse.