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Transition to Secondary School

At Southglade, we take supporting our children with transition to Secondary school very importantly. Mr K Pegram is our lead with this and has produced this list to show what we do. We have also jointly produced this video with our local group of schools (Robin Hood, Westglade, Rise Park, Henry Whipple, Glade Hill, Top Valley Academy and Oak Wood Academy) as part of our working partnership (Aspire Learning Partnership).

ALP transition video

Transition Support
  • Transition film has been created with schools in the local area as part of the Aspire group. (see above).
  • Discussion with class 6PH and 6S to discuss what they were looking forward to and what their major concerns are
  • Parental questionnaire sent out asking them about their concerns about children moving to year 7
  • Year 7 transition lead (Hannah Lake) from Oakwood met with children in 6PH and 6S to get to know them and for the children to get to know her and to explain her role to them (November 2015)
  • Extra transition support provided by Liz Voce for children with autism/ Aspergers.
  • Year 7 children from Oakwood to deliver an assembly to children in year 5 and year 6 (in April 2016) to settle their nerves and worries about going to secondary school.
  • Top Valley Dance Academy has a primary wing which promotes links between primary children and Top Valley Academy
  • Extra transition support is provided (for children who would benefit) by a HLTA or Learning Mentor in the Summer Term
  • All children take part in Common Transfer Day as a minimum entitlement. Extra days are planned with Top Valley Academy and Oakwood Academy.
  • Project for Year 5 children related to the text ‘Mr Stink’ in the Summer Term.
  • Southglade Primary School will be using the common transfer form created and agreed by Nottingham City LA