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Who's Who

Mrs Alison Thomas (DSL)


Deputy Head Teachers
Mrs Lisa Hyland
Mr Kevin Pegram (DSL)
Mrs Jo Rowlett (ADSL)


Phase Leaders
Mrs kay Barron - EYFS (Nursery, Polar Bears and Penguins)
Miss Caroline Smith - KS 1 (years 1 and 2)

Mrs Alison Carter - Lower KS 2 (Years 3 and 4)

Mr David Shuttleworth - Upper KS 2 (Years 5 and 6)

Class Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Miss Christine Brierley and Miss Saioa Cantrill
Polar Bears (F2)
Mrs Manjit Bilan and Mrs Kay Barron

Penguins (F2)

Miss Nadia Gresko

EYFS Teaching Assistants

Mrs Sally Bettridge

Miss Tracey Parr

Miss Leonie Crofts

Miss Amy Donaldson

Mrs Kirsty Penwarden

Miss Christina Smith


Key Stage 1


Mrs Eleanor Bragg


Mrs Amy Mpofu


Miss Caroline Smith and Mrs Jo Rowlett


Miss Natalie Finnie

Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Tracey Moss (HLTA)

Mrs Julie Brodie

Mrs Susan Dawes

Mrs Maida Storr

Miss Maxine Robbins


Lower Key Stage 2


Mrs Katie Morton


Miss April Blaxley


Mr Mark Easton (Maths coordinator)


Miss Harris Pericleous

Lower Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Emma Adams (HLTA)

Miss Kelly Fyfe

Mrs Hayley Gormley

Mrs Nicola Miller


Upper Key Stage 2


Mrs Daisy Hampson


Mr Mark Hunter


Mr Kevin Pegram and Mr David Shuttleworth


Mrs Amy Smith (English coordinator)

Upper Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Michelle Mitchell (HLTA)

Mrs Claire Peet

Mrs Fay Della Rocca

Miss Nicole Fryer


PPA Teachers

Mrs Alison Carter

Mrs Emma Dowse

Mrs Abigail Short

Mr Richard Land (on paternity leave)


KS 2 Spanish Teacher

Mrs Amanda Drage


Special Needs Assistants
Mrs Emma Brookes                                           

Mrs Teresa Guest
Miss Ellie Dobson           


Our Special Needs Assistants work with a range of pupils across all year groups either in classrooms or 'The Base'.                                   

Learning Mentors
Mrs Lisa Chambers
Mrs Julia McCarthy

Our learning mentors work with a range of pupils across all year groups. They are based outside the year 3 classrooms in 'The Garden'.

DSL/Family Support Worker
Mrs Dianne Finnie

Office Staff                                                         School Business Managers
Mrs Lisa Belle                                                      Mrs Karen Foster
Miss Michelle Burrows                                         Mrs Angela Main (DSL)
Site Manager                                                        Caretaker

Mr Michael Blount                                                 Mr Liam Tantum
Midday Supervisor Assistants

Mrs Jane Gilbert – Senior                                                     

Ms Anne Richardson
Mrs Susan Betts                                                           
Ms Jackie Bullimore                                                      

Mrs Jayne Spence
Mrs Stacey Carey
Mrs Tiffany Chester
Mrs Michele Hallam
Mrs Lisa Hartshorn

Miss Tiffany Mahil

Miss Hayley Brandon

Mrs Shelia Cooper                                                           Ms Phyllis Armes
Mr Kevin Cooper                                                              Ms Becky McIntyre