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Autumn 1

6PS PE Lessons

Children in 6PS have been enjoying their weekly PE sessions- I have been very impressed at some of the skills that children have been showcasing. Well done!


PE Pictures















Fun at the beach ! 







Bouldering - great climbing fun!!














Archery - some great shooting from Year 6 















Obstacle Challenge -Kingswood- great first challenge of the day 



Safety Zone

Children met safety experts such as Fire Fighters, Road Safety Officers, Police Officers and St John’s Ambulance personnel. They  experienced  risky situations first hand and learned how to deal with them in a controlled and supervised environment. They were taught safety skills through demonstrations using real equipment based on life like scenarios. The behaviour of all the children was outstanding. Well done!!!!


Expressive Arts Trip to Oakwood

On Friday 21stsSeptember Year 6 will be attending a transition event at Oakwood. Your child will need to bring a packed lunch. If they are entitled to a free school meal they will be provided with a lunch. We will be back at school normal time. Children will need to wear school uniform.


Year 6 Team



A Super Start to Year 6!

The year 6 team are all so impressed with the start the new year 6 classes have made! We are going to have a super year smiley.

Safety Zone - 25th September

Children will have the amazing opportunity to visit the Safety Zone at the National Water Sports Centre on the 25th September. The cost of this visit will be £3.50; this trip is invaluable as it teaches children about how to stay safe in lots of different situations.

The letter about the trip is attached below.

Safety Zone Letter