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Year 1

Autumn 1


In Autumn 1, Year 1 focused on D&T for their first curriculum driver! Year 1's first enquiry question was 'I wonder who lives at the zoo?' where they hoped to create their very own zoo display as their D&T project.


They started by looking at different types of zoo animals and recreating the patterns they seen on animals including cheetahs, snakes and tigers. They then took these ideas and applied them to a box modelling project where they made their very own animal. The next step included applying paper mache to make their box model stiffer and stronger and finally they made use of their painting skills to recreate the patterns they learnt earlier in the module!


As with all D&T projects, it was important that Year 1 evaluated their design and thought about what they would improve next time but more importantly what they loved about their final product.


Have a look at the pictures below to see just what Year 1 got up to in their first D&T project of the year.