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Teaching of Reading in EYFS and KS1

Reading in EYFS and Key Stage One

As a school we are looking to improve the teaching of reading across EYFS and Key Stage One. We are going to ensure the outcomes at the end of EYFS, Year One and Year 2 are in line with national.


  • We are going to introduce robust systems to assess and track children's progress within and between book band levels
  • We will set individual targets for each child to be shared with parents
  • We will revamp the reading areas in each classroom to be inviting for all children want to come and read. There will be a range of books fiction/non - fiction/poems and rhymes/story sacks and props linking to phonics development
  • We will have weekly library lessons in new library with opportunities for children to read a wide range of books
  • There will be Individual weekly reading sessions for each child by the teacher or teaching assistant
  • We will ensure that SEND children are listened to read daily
  • Reading will be be given a high priority when planning new topics with the new curriculum
  • We will improve the quality and provision of teaching reading throughout EYFS and Key Stage 1 by providing training and support for teachers and TAs as needed
  • We will support with strategies both in school and for parents to prepare Year 1 children for the phonics screening check
  • We will provide extra help and support for children who are having difficulties with phonics in years 1, 2 and 3
  • Reading Rockets will continue at Southglade to promote reading at home at least three times a week
  • We will have weekly reading morning or afternoon open sessions where parents come in to hear children read
  • We will explore the possibility of SEND children having access to phonics scheme reading books in addition to their book banded book
  • We will use a Precision Teaching approach for SEND children and any other children who have retention difficulties
  • We will use volunteers in school to listen to children read
  • We will ensure that all children, including children with SEND take part in a 'Drop Everything and Read' session daily