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Summer 1: Independence

Incredible Independo

Incredible Independo 1

Children will be encouraged to:

  • Take ownership over their learning
  • Organise their own learning resources
  • Make their own decisions and avoid succumbing to peer pressure

Characteristics of independent learners include:

  1. Curiosity – Independent learners want to find out more about the world. They are proactive and find ways to access additional lesson supplements on their own.
  2. Self-motivation –Independent learners are motivated by setting internal goals to achieve. They are driven by their own personal achievement.
  3. Personal Responsibility –Independent learners know how to evaluate themselves, can see their strengths and weaknesses and strive for measurable progress and often chart their accomplishments and failures.
  4. Persistence and resilience – Independent learners don't give up. They strive to understand a concept as much as possible on their own before asking for help.


Children Showing Independence

Picture 1
Well done to these children for being chosen to receive the learning value award for Independence.