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School trips

School trips and extra curricular activities are of high importance at Southglade.

Below are a few of the extra curricular activities we will be up to this year to support our learning.


Year 1

In Spring term we will be going on a local walk in Bestwood to learn about natural and human features of a small area.
In Summer 2 we wilL be going on a trip to Sherwood Pines to learn about natural materials.

Throughout the year we also deliver weekly woodland learning sessions which enables our pupils to learn the outdoors including weather patterns, and locational knowledge such as what can be found in the school grounds.

Year 2

Autumn term- Sealife visit linked to Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch (seas/oceans around the would, animals, habitats)

Summer term- Year Two residential (map skills, orienteering)

Year 3

Year 3 will have a Stone Age Experience day at Perlethorpe in Autumn 2.

Year 4


Year 5

Autumn 1- Native American dance day in School

Autumn 2- Native American styles drumming session in school.


Year 6