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Respect (Autumn 1)



Our important figure linked with 'Respect' is Greta Thunberg. Children will learn about how Greta shows respect by looking after the environment.


This half term children will be encouraged to:

  • Follow the Southglade RESPECT code of conduct
    Remember your manners
    Everybody and everything safe
    Share and take turns
    Persevere (don’t give up)
    Ears and eyes for listening
    Careful with your hands and feet
    Tell the truth
  • Follow the updated behaviour policy to meet Covid-19 regulations
  • Show equal respect to everyone in school by remembering their manners
  • Show respect on the playground by being careful with their hands and feet and respecting the feelings of others
  • Show respect at home

Some ways you can promote this value at home are:

  • Model showing respect
  • Remind children of the Southglade code of conduct
  • Praise children when they are demonstrating respect