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Finishing Phase 3

This week we were finishing our Phase 3 phonics teaching by learning 'ure' and 'er'. 

Clicking on the links below will give you access to a wide range of phonics resources including videos and worksheets to practice. 

Please watch the Letters and Sounds lesson for each of these sounds, it will be like we are in our phonics lesson each day. 


Below are a range of Phase 2 and 3 words to read with sound buttons, flashcards and sound mats. Use these resources to practice a range of different phonics sounds including how to use them in words. 

Here are some Phase 5 words, you can have a look at these in preparation for Autumn 2!


Don't forget you can always watch Alphablocks to help practice your blending. Read the words with the episodes and put your phonics skills to the test!