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Key Stage One and EYFS Natvity 2020

This year we have created a socially distanced, bubbled and virtual Nativity for you to enjoy. 

Each day an episode will be linked here so you can follow the story and tune in each day for a new chapter. 

We hope you enjoy our acting and singing. 

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Please click below to watch a video of us singing a song for you all to enjoy. 


We have reached our final episode where the shepherds and wise men come to see Baby Jesus.


Nursery – 5 Christmas Puddings

1S – The shepherds and the wise men come

Penguins – Ride, ride, ride your camel


Today we continue our story with Episode Three. Here Joseph and Mary arrive in Bethlehem looking for an inn and somewhere to stay, but there is no room for them. 


Nursery - I'm a Chubby Little Snowman 

2S - Joseph and Mary look for somewhere to stay

Polar Bears - 3 Little Snowmen


Today we continue our story with Episode Two. Here we Joseph, Donkey and Angel Gabriel who tells them a message of good news. 


Nursery - When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney

1L - The Angel Gabriel comes with a message

Penguins - To Bethlehem We Go



This begins our tale, where we meet some sleeping children who are awoken by angels to tell them all about the first Christmas day and the Nativity story. 


Nursery - 5 Little Snowman

2B - Welcome and introduction to the story

Polar Bears - I'm a Christmas Angel