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Learning Values

In the academic year 2018-2019 we introduced Learning Values at Southglade Primary and Nursery School in order to help the children with their behaviour for learning, to empower them to make positive behaviour choices and to form and maintain positive relationships.


Each half term is dedicated to a specific Learning Value that the children try to demonstrate both inside and outside of school.


2018-2019 Learning Values:

Respect (Autumn 1)
Resilience (Autumn 2)
Pride (Spring 1)
Kindness (Spring 2)
Independence (Summer 1)

Tolerance (Summer 2)


Some of the ways that Learning Values were embedded are:


  • Dedicated Learning Value for each half term
  • Learning Superheroes to represent each Learning Value
  • Learning Value displayed in all classrooms
  • Learning Values display in KS2 Hall
  • Assemblies – at the start of each half term the new Learning Value was introduced in assembly. Deputy Head Teacher assemblies on Wednesday’s were then dedicated to discussing this Learning Value.
  • Learning Values Celebration Assemblies – class teachers, mid-day supervisors and Learning Mentors chose children who demonstrated Learning Values to receive a special treat. These children then became Ministers of Values who help to promote the following Learning Value in the next half term.
  • Parent letters introducing the new Learning Value


This academic year we are continuing to implement Learning Values across school. Whilst some of the Learning Values are the same as last year, we will be introducing three new Learning Values throughout the year.


2019-2020 Learning Values:


Pride (Autumn 1)
Empathy (Autumn 2)
Respect (Spring 1)
Co-operation (Spring 2)

Self-worth (Summer 1)
Tolerance (Summer 2)