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Learning Values

This year we have introduced Learning Values to help the children with their behaviour for learning, to empower them to make positive choices and to form positive relationships. Each Learning Value will be a whole school focus for half a term.

Children's views


"Learning values help children because they help you learn about being resilient and respectful." Julia, year 2


"Learning values help children with their behaviour because you have to show respect." Maryama, year 4


"If children show respect in their work then they will get better. If you don’t show resilience you won’t succeed in any of your work." Connie, year 4


Impact of Learning Values

Impact of Learning Values 1

‘The children know and use the word respect within conversation. The children know how to show respect to themselves, others and to equipment.’

‘Respect is massively promoted around school by all teachers and children are very aware of how they should be acting. They encourage each other to show respect in their books, with resources and when walking around school.’

‘I have noticed that many children have been actively trying to demonstrate the learning value, particularly in the dinner hall and assemblies. I have heard children using the word respect in their conversations with each other and it even featured in our big write letter!’



Behaviour Incidents

Behaviour Incidents  1