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Improving Punctuality Across School

Being punctual is a key life skill and it is crucial to be punctual in order to maximise the learning time that children experience at Southglade Primary and Nursery School. It is a key priority to improve the punctuality of our school community during the 2019/20 academic year.

We will be promoting the importance of punctuality via monthly newsletters and parent boards. We will ensure that parents are aware of the learning that occurs at the start of every single day and the impact that missing learning has on their child or children.

We will introduce incentives to reward individuals and classes with excellent punctuality including the introduction of a house point system.

We will identify families who are struggling to arrive at school on time and work with them to offer helpful tips and assistance.

We will closely monitor punctuality of all families and introduce a punctuality process that is similar to our 10 week attendance monitoring process.

We will liaise with external agencies including social care where appropriate.

We will educate children about the importance of being punctual later in life.

We will closely review the impact of our new punctuality process and rigorously review actions throughout the year.