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Impact of Learning Values

Staff Views

  • ‘The children know and use the word respect within conversation. The children know how to show respect to themselves, others and to equipment.’
  • ‘I have noticed that many children have been actively trying to demonstrate the Learning Value, particularly in the dinner hall and assemblies. I have heard children using the word respect in their conversations with each other and it even featured in our big write letter!’
  • 'Behaviour has been a lot better this year. Children want to do well and follow our values.'
  • 'Overall the promotion of learning values and the 'Southglade way' have had a positive impact on behaviour especially with lining up and walking around school. It has enabled us to keep its profile high all year.'
  • 'Learning values have given something for children to focus on and practice - particularly skills that they may never have heard of before.'


Children's Views

  • 'Learning values help children with their behaviour. You have to show respect.'
  • 'They make the school a better place because now people know how to be kind and respectful.'