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Hanukkah Celebration Day

Today we have celebrated Hanukkah, which is the Jewish eight day winter time 'festival of lights'.  During this time a nightly Menorah lighting takes place, along with special prayers and the eating of fried foods.

EYFS watched a Cbeebies programme about Hanukkah, learning how a Jewish family celebrate the festival. 


Year One have been learning and writing about some of the key activities that take place during Hanukkah.  They have also made their own candles to make a whole class Menorah.


Year Two have completed a fact sheet about Hanukkah and they have been busy creating their own handprint Menorah's.



Year 3 used role play to act out the Hanukkah story.  They then made a storyboard adding illustrations to their writing.  Y3 have also painted cards, played Dreidel and made a Star of David.


Year 4 have written some Hanukkah poetry.  They used oil pastels to effectively create a picture of a Menorah.


Year 5 wrote a diary entry and used the Dreidel game during their Maths lesson.  They have collaged some beautiful backgrounds for a Menorah silhouette.


Year 6 created a story graph about the Hanukkah story.  They also wrote diary entries from the perspective of a Jewish child and made some Dreidels.