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Lesson 7 worksheets

Lesson 6 worksheets

This is the video link for Lesson 5 below



 Lesson 3 about Whales

 Here is the 3rd Orca lesson , let me know if you're enjoying these lessons and how your projects are going . Take care and remember to stay safe .





This is an amazing link(below) that I am sure you will all love its young vets club and it shows you some great videos and some really brilliant activities too - I hope you enjoy !




Try our Worry Rainbow . You can print this one or make your own .

 Lesson 2 about Whales and Dolphins


 This is the second lesson about Orca Whales , hope your projects are going well .


 This is a great lesson about Whales . With many activities for you to do too . If you love learning about creatures all great and small you will for sure love this . Just click on the link below :


 Whales get caught up in all types of mess us humans leave behind . It's vital we protect everything in our world not just what's on land .

 It would be a great idea for you to do a project on Whales . You could include drawings , facts , maps and anything else you can think of too . I would love to see these when you complete them , you can either wait to show me when we go back to school or send me photos to :

 Click the link above . This is another great idea. It shows you step by step instructions how to make your very own kaleidoscope using recycled pringle tubes . So get popping the lids on those pringles and start making . Please, please try and remember to send me a photo of your amazing work too .

 Have you got lots of old crayons you don't know what to do with? Don't throw them away !!!

 Above is a great link to help you recycle them all into something great . Have a go , it's great, you will love it . Please ask an adult if you need any help .

Let me see what you create too , send me a photo to :



  Try out this super cool robot . What can you make out of recycled rubbish ?


  Can't wait to see what you create !


 Send me your photos to :


We also planted some flower seeds ,ready to make you smile when you come back to school. Have you planted any?

We also planted some flower seeds ,ready to make you smile when you come back to school. Have you planted any? 1
We also planted some flower seeds ,ready to make you smile when you come back to school. Have you planted any? 2

These are some of the collages the children created while at school . They are so lovely , have you made any at home ?

These are some of the collages the children created while at school . They are so lovely , have you made any at home ? 1
Picture 1


 While you've got the time why don't you try and make a bird feeder , using recycled bottles and

 your imagination to decorate them too . All the instructions are in the video link above .

 You might need an adult to help but im sure they won't mind .


 When you've finished please send me a photo to …


 Here are some quizzes for you to have a go at . Lets see how much you know and what you need to learn .


Please email me your results -

 Hello , I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are staying safe .

 Did you remember to switch everything off for Earth Hour on Saturday?

 I asked you to collect items from your garden over the weekend too . If you didn't don't worry , you can go and collect some now .

 When you have collected some natural items from your gardens , you will need a piece of paper , glue/Sellotape and maybe some scissors(ask an adult for help) and crayons .


Ok, You are ready to create your own natural collage, look at the pictures below you could even make a hanging mobile for outside, if you have some string.  They will be amazing , when you've finished creating put them, put them in your window so everyone can see . Remember to email me your finished work too -

Making Art with Nature

Making Art with Nature 1
Making Art with Nature 2
Making Art with Nature 3
Making Art with Nature 4,10TGV,6VVCO2,3VYOO,1


  Tomorrow Saturday 28th March 2020 at 8:30pm is earth hour , SWITCH OFF FOR YOUR WORLD !!!!!!


 Join millions for the global lights out event and be part of the generation who are choosing to fight for our world.

 During these difficult times , we need to, now more than ever, find ways to connect with each other and inspire hope for the future .


 Our health, happiness and future depend on nature - so this year , look after yourself, each other and our planet.


 Check out the link above and see how you can help.


 Please , remember to send any photos to me at

                                                                 Thank you


 Hello , today lets go on a scavenger hunt around our garden . See which ones of the following you can collect :

                                  Tree rubbings with coloured crayons

                                  Draw a picture of a flower

                                  Leaf rubbing with coloured crayons

                                  Draw the back of a leaf

 While you're outside listen to all the different sounds you can hear and write them down, I can hear lots of different birds at the moment which tells me warmer weather is on its way .



 Email me your findings to




 Over the weekend try and collect as many natural objects from around your garden like :  twigs,

 leaves , petals , feathers, grass etc .


 We are going to get creative with these on Monday smiley



 You may want to write a letter to someone you can't see at the moment . Maybe start with a picture 

 of something they like and then tell them about all the things you're doing at the moment . I know 

 you probably don't usually write letters but it will be such a lovely surprise when they receive

 it in the post .



 Good Morning Everybody , Really hope you're all keeping safe and well during this very difficult time.

 More than ever our world needs tolerance and acceptance .Social and emotional skills like empathy will help us create a more inclusive environment . We also need positivity to help keep us upbeat , it's difficult not being able to see our friends, loved ones and families . With this in mind I'd love it, if we could all come together and think of one positive sentence about our world ,life ,friends and families . When you send me your sentences , I'm then going to put them together to create a kind and positive poem. This poem will reflect us in a positive light to the rest of the world and hopefully will encourage others to stay positive and maybe even put a smile on their face .

 We can do this , staying together keeps us stronger .

 Please email me your sentence at :

   Thank you smiley


Hello , really hope you are all well and enjoying all the activities being set .


If you click on the link above there are some great activities for you to do and really get you thinking about how YOU can help save OUR planet .


If you can't print the sheets don't worry you can make your own . I can't wait to see what ideas you come up with so please email me photos of the work you've done at :                                          



Trees for Cities.mp4

Still image for this video

WE walk 4 Water

Still image for this video
Following on from work we've been doing in year 5 , Joel from " WE Project" came to work with us , He was great and really helped us understand and explained that water isn't available easily in some parts of the world . Our Year 5 want to take in part in a project named Walk 4 Water , to help the unfortunate countries find a sustainable way to access clean,running water regularly . With Joels help and previous lessons that have been taught, giving them knowledge on this subject, they have began this task and will be launching it across school soon . They are eager to advertise the event and raise as much money for the cause as possible . Please help us , help others less fortunate - Thank you .

Our Community and Showing Empathy

Still image for this video
A few children from year 6 visited a local care home . They read books,chatted about past times, parties , hobbies and so much more . The children were amazing especially Daniel Scott who showed so much kindness amd empathy the whole time we were there .

Walk for Water

Still image for this video
Year 5 have been investigating water shortages and which countries really suffer globally . They made some water filters . Some groups were given the full instructions others were given fewer instructions , which made the task much harder . The point of this was to prove how unfair it is that some countries have full access to water and others don't, yet it's everybody' right to have water . We will be doing some follow up work eventually leading to some fundraising .

WE Day Nottingham 2019

Still image for this video
Year 6 had an amazing day at the WE Day Nottingham event . The day was full of motivational speakers including Martin Luther Kings son which was truly inspirational as well as Millie Bobby Brown , Bella Ramsey,Joseph Dempsie,Vicky McClure,Emilio Estevez,Bluey Robinson,George Gretton and the national trampoline champion Isabelle Weall . Isabelle Weall had meningitis when she was only 7 and to save her life she had to have her legs and arms amputated however this didn't stop her .With incredible determination she went on to achieve and became the national champion. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and came away feeling very motivated .


                       Hello I know it's been a while but we have been very busy !!!!!


The summer is over, so we will be getting the garden ready for the months to come , making sure it's neat and tidy and hopefully growing a few vegetables (fingers crossed).


We have noticed the area needs a tidy up so we have asked for every class to decide on an area and do a litter pick . If you would like to be involved please let a class teacher know - the more the merrier .


 Our aim accross school is to make everybody aware of the impact single use plastic has on the  environment , wildlife and of course health . We are currently looking at ways to reduce our use of single use plastic. As a school we have already noticed how many pupils and adults are now using "shop bought" water bottles which is great ,this also means that our "mindset" has changed 

.The Eco Warriors will be conducting a whole school questionaire to see where we can continue to improve on our plastic use . Once they have the answers they will begin an action plan .


There are 30 year 6 children who are involved in the" WE Project". This is quite new to our school but is great at helping children become great leaders and use the skills they have to put ideas forward to others . These children have chosen to work on reducing plastic waste and recycling . They are working towards building their own recycling centre out of single use plastic bottles. It's so good to see them coming up with the ideas , doing an action plan and then creating it as a team .

Year 6 WE Project - Recycling Centre in the making .


Year 5 have been celebrating trees .

They wrote Thank you letters and poems ,decorated them and then placed them nicely on the trees.

We also celebrated with the trees having a small tea party.     




Tree party_Small.mp4

Still image for this video

Pupils of Southglade designed and lovingly planted this beautiful planter for our community to enjoy. Robin Hood and Gladehill were also involved in this project and have have planted one of their own . They can all be seen at the shops on Beckhampton Road , between Boots and the Post Office. Please help us to keep them tidy if you're walking by . Thank you .

Pupils of Southglade designed and lovingly planted this beautiful planter for our community to enjoy. Robin Hood and Gladehill were also involved in this project and have have planted one of their own . They can all be seen at the shops on Beckhampton Road , between Boots and the Post Office. Please help us to keep them tidy if you're walking by . Thank you . 1

WE Day_Medium.mp4

Still image for this video
On Monday 17th June, 30 of our year 5 children will be doing workshops . The workshops involve    helping the environment and developing leadership skills . The children who have been chosen have already shown a huge interest in helping our world not just locally ,but globally too. The workshops are being delivered by an organisation called WE which is short for World Environment. If you search WE Day this will give you a better idea of what we will be doing . Photos will follow after the event.

WE Day ! By Jamil Clifford

Attacking climate change.

Still image for this video


  We have planted three beds of green beans this week We will be using the product in our school kitchen for dinner times and hopefully there will be lots left over, for families to enjoy in our community.Thank you to our amazing gardening team for all your help . We will soon be planting out again so watch this space ...


 Look at our wonderful wild orchid . Who'd have thought we would have something so beautiful in our gardens for free? You see, the best things in life are free . Our amazing birds have dropped seeds and planted these for us .


  As a thank you to our birds, for helping us with planting, and for singing such serene songs. Children have made somewhere for them to lay their heads at night to keep them safe. They have used recycled materials including soft warm trainers so they have a bed to snuggle into .

   It's ok they are clean!!!





Help Our World By Kieran Miller


Hello , We've been busy over the holidays. We've been growing salads,herbs and potatoes ready to move out into the garden (weather permitting).

We now have several bird houses made out of recycled wood and other materials . Children from year 4 have made fat balls to help feed the birds and keep them singing .

The trees that were planted back in the autumn have taken well and are growing strong so we are all very happy about this .

Our next step is to prepare areas for wild flowers to grow and to plant up our vegetable garden .

We also have a picnic bench along with two other benches so children and adults can enjoy the peace and quiet the garden creates.

Big Big Thank you to our Eco team and gardening club for making this happen and of course Our wonderful Mick !!!!

If anybody would like to help during school time or after school please don't hesitate to come in and talk to us we'd really appreciate your help or in-put .


    Our Eco Code:


   Only use what you need.


   Under our feet is another world full of life that helps us survive.


   Recycle , Reuse and Refuse.



    Water is precious,don't waste it , turn off the taps.


    Open windows when you're hot and close them when you're not.


    Remember not to litter and try not to use plastic.


    Lights off , lap tops off, reduce the energy you use .


    Digging gardens , getting them ready growing vegetables &


    flowers for us and our beautiful insects and animals.

Sandy Banks

Sandy Banks 1

Eco and Eal_Medium.mp4

Still image for this video

,This week has been a very busy and exciting week . Its been waste week !! We have been paying particular attention to plastic waste within our oceans as well as our community. The children have been really engaged and shocked with their findings . Many classes have been out on litter picks around our area , this will continue through to next week too . If you'd like to join us please let us know , the more the merrier. We are hoping to do this on a  regular basis from now , because its so important . Children from 4P went to Sandy Banks and cleared up so much rubbish.  Year 3 have been picking litter from the field adjoining our school ,our school playground along with our school hall after lunch and have made a huge improvement . They have also learnt a little Italian for our Italian day which you can hear them saying "Don't use plastic, be fantastic" . Year 5 have been along by the ridge playground collecting litter and have made such a difference . 

Photos for this will follow shortly


Italian Eco busters

Still image for this video
"Don't use plastic , be fantastic"
Picture 1


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Plastic in our oceans

Still image for this video
In year 2 this week we looked at how plastics are affecting our health,planet and marine life . The children were really shocked at how the oceans and marine life are being hurt or worse still destroyed .Above are some examples of how the children felt ...

If you would like to send photos, to show off any of your Eco work you do outside of school, please send it to :-

we'd love to see what you're doing to help our world and display it on our Eco Wall.



eco club video.mp4

Still image for this video
Southglades amazing gardeners

Hello its us again. Sorry we've been quiet. Now the weather is getting warmer we are beginning to sow our seeds including ; lambs lettuce, rocket, basil,rosemary and many more delicious herbs and salads (photos will follow).

Recently we've planted Blackcurrant,Blueberry and Tayberry bushes ready for us to enjoy the fruits. We've planted Buddleja to attract the wildlife especially Butterfly and we are currently training some climbing roses to create an arch.

Southglade are taking part in Waste Week . It begins 18/3/19. Each class will be involved with litter picking around our community,which also shows kindness and respect (photos of this will follow).

Other class activities and quizzes will be happening accross school during this week.

We also have a new Eco Challenge Passport. Children can bring this home and do the activities with family and friends . On completion of this passport they will recieve a certificate. This is going to be on a trial basis to begin with, children will be selected to take part .If the response to this is good eventually it will be rolled out accross the whole school to encourage Eco minds .

We are doing an amazing job as a whole school and i can already see the changes in the childrens mindsets. Well done to everybody - you shoukd be feeling proud.

Remember little steps can help make the world a better place.




 Children from years 5 and 6 planted 30 trees in our new garden area. They will be there for many years to come and will help to give shelter to many different creatures as they grow. This will be used as an outdoor area to help children learn about different habitats and life cycles of animals/plants .

 All the children involved really enjoyed the experience of planting their own tree and knowing it will be here after they've left Southglade Primary school.

 Massive thank you to Mick and Liam for all your help in our garden recently .

Our Eco warriors :-

Our Eco warriors :- 1


   Our Eco Warriors are working very hard to achieve the official Eco Green flag for our school.


   We now have an allotment to grow different fruit and vegetables for our kitchen to use . We have a  few flower beds to help encourage wildlife,and soon we will be making bird boxes and feeders ready for the winter months ahead. We have got 30 trees coming soon too so we made need parents/carers to help with the big dig (with the children).


   They are busy thinking of ways to reduce waste not only paper waste and rubbish but electricity,water,food and lots more .


. If you would like to be a part of our eco committee or to help with our gardening please contact Mrs.M.Mitchell .


Hello , this is just a quick up-date to let you know that we're still working extremely hard. We have been having meetings to discuss how to make Southglade more eco friendly. We've decided to focus on saving energy , re-cycling and litter picking along with bio-diversity.

We now have energy police and monitors , composters and litter champions and very soon we will begin growing plants and flowers for our garden again. Last year we had tomatos, leeks,peppers,herbs,cucumbers,gooseberries,sunflowers and other wild flowers to encourage wild life.

We will be doing our own assembly soon letting everyone know what we found out during in our review of Southglade and how to help make a wonderful world better.

The competition is on between classes to save energy, some are doing really well, others have recieved red cards!!!!!!

Thank you for reading .

Melisa Avdiaj and Katlyn Brookes


Our Environmental Statement:


Southglade Primary school is commited to ensuring all of its activities have a minimum impact on the environment. We will continue to seek new ways to help our environment.