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Developing Young Ambassadors at Southglade

Young Ambassadors at

Southglade Primary School

This year we are looking to develop and promote Young Ambassadors across all areas of Southglade.


We are going to be looking for opportunities to introduce pupils to a range of role models who are in various careers to encourage high aspirations and prospects.

We want to involve a range of young ambassadors in local and national projects.

We want to have a wide range of young ambassadors throughout the school in various roles including but not limited to student ambassadors, ministers of values, digital leaders, eco and library.

Find opportunities for children to develop their interests and talents through various area of learning.

Involve young ambassadors in the local community of Bestwood and Nottingham.

Further develop the creative arts offered at Southglade to support with creative opportunities thorughout the school.

To support with creative opportunities throughout the school.

To offer opportunities for all children to be involved in being a young ambassador for Southglade.

Identify other areas of school and the local community where children can become young ambassadors, responsible and active citizens.

Ensure we identify new areas at Southglade which we can make avaliable for children to beocme young ambassadors.

Ensure the new curriculum being offered at Southglade offers opportunities for enrichment and topics for children to discover their talents.

Prepare children for thier future when they leave Southglade having identified their opportunities and aspirations.