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At Southglade Primary and Nursery School we are committed to providing all children with learning opportunities to engage in history. This policy sets out a framework within which teaching and non-teaching staff can work, and give guidance on planning, teaching and assessment.

As a school, we teach history in three parts; knowledge, skills and application. We recognise the importance of teaching knowledge and skills equally to equip our children to be well-rounded historians.



In order to be an effective historian, it is important to know key historic events, when these happened and be able to put these in a chronological order. At Southglade we aim to reflect on how key historical events have influenced social, political, cultural and economic relationships and how these have shaped the world we live in now.



A key characteristic of a historian is the ability to weigh up evidence to reach a conclusion. At Southglade we aim to develop critical thinkers who are able to research, weigh up evidence, generate arguments and argue their point of view. By doing this we aim to develop conscientious thinkers who are well equipped for adult life.



Whilst we recognise the importance of teaching historical skills and knowledge, we understand the value of children being able to apply these in order to become a successful historian. Through the application stage of teaching history, pupils are encouraged to show independence through a child-led project. Children should demonstrate their historical knowledge and showcase the skills of a historian in order to show a secure understanding of different events throughout history.

Here are some snapshots of what we have been up to:

Year 3, Autumn 1- The Stone Age to the Iron Age Museum