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Curriculum Design

Last year we redesigned our curriculum to ensure that it matched the needs and context of our school. This year we will be implementing that curriculum and measuring the impact that the curriculum has on the learning of our children.


We will hold an inclusive Awe and Wonder Week to hook all children in to their learning at the start of each term.

We will have half-termly enquiry questions that drive our curriculum during that period with a project to be completed at the end.

We will continue to have termly EAL afternoons to celebrate the range of cultures and languages that we have at Southglade Primary School.

We will reorganise our RE  curriculum so that we have focused whole school celebration days and a series of big questions that children answer during the year.

We will continue to have half-termly learning values that underpin our entire curriculum.

We will ensure that reading underpins learning in our curriculum.

We will be reviewing the impact of this curriculum through pupil voice questionnaires.

We will be upskilling our co-ordinators so they are able to monitor the impact that the new curriculum is having on the learning of children in all areas of the curriculum.

We will be ensuring that cross curricular links are fully explored between Mathematics and Literacy and other subject areas so skills are consolidated and improved.

We will host termly open classrooms so parents can experience exciting learning during awe and wonder week.

We will be keeping parents informed about our exciting new curriculum via the school website.

We will ensure that the curriculum is accessible to all pupils including children with special educational needs and/or disabilities and those classed as disadvantaged.

We will reorganise the use of our teaching assistants so they can support our children in accessing the curriculum.

We will measure the impact and evaluate throughout the year what is working well and what could work even better.