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Behaviour at Lunchtimes and Unstructured Periods


The behaviour and safety of our pupils at playtimes and lunchtimes is very important to us.


Through improvements being made across the whole school, we aim to reduce the number of behaviour and first aid incidents over the course of the year.


This year we will:


* Record the number of behaviour and first aid incidents, looking for patterns and setting actions accordingly;

* Use Pupil Voice as a way of obtaining the children's views and opinions on lunchtime provision through the use of the School Council;

* Link behaviour at playtimes and lunchtimes to our new House Points system;

* Increase the number of senior leaders on the playground at lunchtimes;

* Provide children with a supervised place to calm down and reflect on their actions if needed;

* Provide children who may find accessing the main playground at lunchtimes difficult, the oppportunity to attend supervised indoor provision;

* Provide all children with the opportunity to attend a supervised indoor lunchtime club;

* Provide mid-day supervisors with training sessions from the Behaviour Support Team on Positive Talk and Positive Play;

* Listen to the views and opinions of our mid-day supervisors, work with them to implement changes and ensure they feel part of a valued team, ensuring their personal well-being is considered;

* Work closely with Behaviour Support Team on strategic planning for non-structured times;

* Further develop our Young Ambassadors in school through our Play Leaders and Peer Mediator schemes;

* Provide all children with the option to speak to a Learning Mentor at playtimes and lunchtimes and have these available on the playground at these times;

* Provide SEND children with a supervised alternative space away from the main dining hall to eat their lunch;

* Ensure all staff are clear on routines and procedures at the start and end of playtimes and lunchtimes;

* Contact parents/carers of children who repeatedly do not follow our school code of conduct, inviting them in to school for a meeting to discuss strategies and actions moving forwards.