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Awe and Wonder Week

At Southglade we are so proud of our Awe and Wonder Week's and the opportunities and experiences they give our pupils.


Awe and Wonder Week takes place the 2nd week of Autumn 1, the 1st week of Spring 1 and the 1st week of Summer 1.

In these weeks pupils are exposed to fully cross-curricular, hands on and engaging learning which help to hook our pupils on their next topic and ignite curiosity and excitement in all pupils.

On each Wednesday of our Awe and Wonder Week's, parents and carers are invited in to school to join in with our activities!

Due to covid-19, we are unable to have our first awe and wonder week or an open morning for parents. We hope to have these exciting events back during this year when it is safe to do so.

Here is a small snippet of what our parents have to say about Awe and Wonder Week


"I have enjoyed spending time with my child and seeing how they have settled into their new class"


"I have enjoyed joining in with all the children and parents, having fun and working together"


"I have enjoyed interacting with the children and getting messy and creative!"


"I have enjoyed spending time with my child and seeing what he is learning about in school"


"I have enjoyed getting involved with what my child is learning about. The atmosphere was great and there was a very nice learning environment"


"I have enjoyed coming and enjoying my time here with the sociable teachers"


"I enjoyed everything. Everything was clearly explained. I would love to come again"


"I have enjoyed bonding with my son. He doesn't usually get his hands messy. I am very proud of him!"