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Autumn 2

Awe and Wonder day

For our final Awe and Wonder day of the half term, we spent the day creating our art pieces inspired by the 3 artists we have studied this term: Kandinsky, Klee and Kusama. 

Alongside these we also created some lovely moonlight snow pictures creating tints and using different techniques we have learnt. 

Check out the photos of us with our art below! 

Art gallery trip!


Tuesday was our school trip to the art gallery, we visited Nottingham Contemporary art gallery in town where we saw a range of interesting and inspiring art pieces! We have been learning all about artists this half term as part of our curriculum driver topic and it was amazing to see some art in person. We also met and had a lesson with an artist where we designed a piece of polystyrene inspired by what we saw in the gallery, these will all be pieced together and displayed around school once they're finished! 

Celebration day - Hanukkah 


Today was a celebration day, we looked at the Jewish celebration Hanukkah and how Jewish people celebrate this festival! We learnt all about the menorah and the miracle of the lamp which burned for 8 days and nights. We then made our own menorahs using hand prints and finger painting :)

Big Reading Challenge

Awe and Wonder Day


Our awe and wonder day on Wednesday was focused around our curriculum topic this half term which is art! We have been looking at an artist called Yayoi Kusama, her work was inspired by polka-dots and lots of colour! As you can see we have emulated her work using colour and spots by recreating one of her pieces. We are over the moon with how well everyone's art turned out, they look amazing!

Indian Dance!

2S Remembrance Day Poppies

We have been super busy in year 2 after half term! In English, we have been learning how to write a letter, next week we will be showing off what we have learnt by writing our letters up in our best handwriting. In maths we have been practicing addition and subtraction using equipment. We have also started our new curriculum topic which is art for this half term. We are looking  an artist called Wassily Kandinsky, our end goal is to create a piece of art in the style of Kandinsky.