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Please regularly check the page below for pictures of the fun and exciting activities that children in y6 have been taking part in this half-term.

Enquiry Question

Our main enquiry question this half-term is:

I wonder if children considered evacuation to be a friend or a foe?


Our main text is Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll.

On Wednesday 1st December, we spent our maths lesson using known facts and are knowledge of place value to extend our understanding of multiplication and division.


Maths in 6sp

Kindness Wall for Anti-bullying Week

Jeff Kinney Webinar

Maths Investigation

Odd Socks Day- taking a stand against bullying

WW2 Key Texts

Holocaust Centre Visits 5.11.21

6SP Kingswood Persuasive Reports

Year 6 Paper Chain Timelines

Remembrance Work - 6S and 6SP