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Autumn 2

I wonder how Bestwood has changed since my family was born?

Still image for this video
This half term in History we have been learning all about the history of Bestwood and how it has changed.
We have learned lots of information about schools and changes in the local area.
We went on local area walks, had a talk from Mrs Finnie and even role played being in the coal mine.
We have put together a short advert to let you know lots of facts and information about brilliant Bestwood.

Our book this half term is 'It's Your World Now' by Barry Falls.

This book is all about the world, jobs, your life and everything you can do and see. It is in chapters and teaches us about emotions and changes which happen in life. We look at a range of illustrations which also help us to understand about the world. We are going to spend a lot of time with this book so please have a listen below.

It's Your World Now by Barry Falls

Children in Need 

For Children in Need we watched lots of videos all about why we have non-uniform day. 

We wrote words about kindness on the window!

We painted images of Pudsey Bear. 

We designed our own odd sock!

What makes a good friend? - Anti Bullying Week 2021!

One Kind Word

For Anti-Bullying Week on Odd Socks day we spoke about what made a good friend.

We decided what makes a good friend then pretended the chocolate =love, crispies = kindness, cases = cuddles, sprinkles = helpful

We then decided which word we would like the different items to represent and added those to our writing.

OH NO! Our book had been chopped up!

We found one of our books had been cut up so we needed to put it back together.

We worked together to read the key information and match it with the images to try and put the book back together!

Fabulous Facts

This week we began to explore fact books.

We looked for some new animals and information about the world. We learned about different animals from the sea and the land. 

To celebrate bonfire night we drew a range of chalk fireworks and labelled them with lots of colours we had been learning.

Introducing the part part whole model

Awesome Autumn 

This week we began to explore the season of Autumn. 

We went on an Autumn walk and collected leaves to make an autumn hedgehog. 

We then came back inside and watched a video all about Autumn, then made a bullet point list of key information including the time of day for dark and light the weather and nature.