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Autumn 1

This half term our key text is Stone Age Boy by Sitoshi Kitamura. This text supports our history curriculum driver topic Stone Age to Iron Age.


Below you will see weekly updates of what we have been up to in class. 

Week 5 

Year 3 have been Neanderthals this week and have created their very own cave art. We have also become poets and learnt a poem all about the Stone Age. In our English and Reading lessons we have been performing our poetry and using our voice and body to be true poets. 


In our science lessons we have been learning about fossils and completed a carousel of activities about fossils. 

Week 4

In year 3 we have been doing some acting this week in our RE lesson retelling some parables told by Jesus. Also we have continued to build our knowledge of the Stone Age writing paragraphs about the different clothing, weapons, food and houses. We have also learnt lots in science about our Rock topic and we can clearly describe how different rock types are formed. 


3F also had an extra treat for winning the attendance award, we had a games afternoon which was so much fun!!

Week 3

This week we have been back to the Stone Age on our trip to Brackenhurst. Whilst we were there we took part in lots of Stone Age activities. We created Stonehenge, sheltered dens, wooden medallions, clay heads, we tried cave painting, willow weaving and got to look at some exciting artefacts and weapons from the stone age. This trip was FANTASTIC we learnt so much about the Stone Age. Back at school we have continued to learn about rocks in science and in English have been washing woolly mammoths. 

Week 2

Another fun filled week of learning this week our activities have included chocolate and bubbles! In science we learnt about rock formations with chocolate, igneous rock was our melted chocolate that cooled to form a hard dark rock, sedimentary rock was formed with layers of grated chocolate and pressure from the sea forming a layered rock and metamorphic rock was a combination of the 2 rock types together with pressure and heat. Year 3 have really understood our rock topic and can explain it so well! We have been hunter gatherers and researching about Stone Age life, diets and farming.

In maths we have continued to look at place value with some outdoor learning. In English we are writing instructions and this week we have washed a very smelly dirty teddy, next week we will be washing a woolly mammoth!! So watch this space!

Week 1

This week has been a BUSY first week back at school! 

We have began our topic and learning about the Stone Age with our book Sone Age Boy.

We have learnt about the ten commandments in RE.

We have learnt about RESPECT in PSHE. 

We had a visit from Paul Sturgess, who is the tallest professional basket ball player.

We have learnt about instructions in English and place value in maths.



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