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Accelerating the Progress of Disadvantaged Pupils

This year the use of our pupil premium grant and the impact that this has on our disadvantaged pupils progress- both academic and wider- will be a whole school priority.


We will ensure that all staff across the whole school are fully aware of the children in their phases who are entitled to pupil premium support.

We will monitor the progress of disadvantaged pupils and discuss new and imaginative strategies to narrow the attainment gap of them and their peers.

We will ensure that challenging targets are set for disadvantaged pupils with high expectations for all.

We will closely track the range  of interventions that each child has access to through the year.

We will use our phase leaders to deliver high quality feedback to our disadvantaged pupils.

We will identify disadvantaged pupils who have the potential to become greater depth in their learning- we will ensure that these pupils have every opportunity to become the very best that they can be.

We will publish a report detailing how we spend our pupil premium grant and the impact that this has had on the disadvantaged pupils at Southglade Primary and Nursery School.

We endeavour to focus on the whole child using pupil premium funding to provide enriching experiences that disadvantaged pupils may not experience at home.

We will pledge that all disadvantaged pupils are listened to reading regularly, at least once a week but ideally more, to ensure that they develop a love for books.

We will check that disadvantaged pupils are fairly represented in all groups, teams and clubs.

We will listen to ideas from staff members about how to target the funding even more effectively.

We will ensure that governors are fully aware of how the pupil premium grant is spent at school.

We will work tirelessly to improve the attendance of disadvantaged pupils so that fewer of them are classed as persistently absent.

We will work with the attendance team to ensure that punctuality for all pupils, but especially disadvantaged pupils, improves so children are here for every minute of their learning.

We promise that our disadvantaged pupils will have full and equal access to our exciting new curriculum.