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1S Bubble closure 13-16th October 2020

We would appreciate it if you could complete the survey below regarding home learning and how we can support you in the future.


Wonderful 1S

The last three days of half term will be a little different for you all.

Work has been sent to you via email and delivered as packs which we would love you to complete over the next three days and send in to us.

It is really improtant we see what you have been up to, then we can print it for your books or stick it in when you return, but most importantly give you feedback via Marvelous Me and email. 

In each section below are video, resources and the work sheet for you to use to help you with your learning. 


Please send your work to:


Timetable of the Day

Below is how we structure our day, this might help to follow something similar. Also times are roughly how long we would spend on the activity in the session, but these are just guidelines, go with your child and what they can complete or how they can stay focused.


20 minutes - Phonics

30 minutes - Maths

20 minutes - Break

30 minutes - English

1 hour - Lunch

30 minutes - Art (1 hour), Science, Computing

20 minutes - Break

30 minutes - Reading/Story