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School Council 2018-2019

Introducing our new School Council for 2018-2019. We are going to get straight to work on our Learning Value for this half term 'RESPECT.' We are going to explore what the term 'Respect' means and the different ways in which we can show respect to ourselves and others.
Picture 1 Charlie 1B
Picture 2 Charlie 1J
Picture 3 Nikole 2SR
Picture 4 Julia 2F
Picture 5 Jaycee 3M
Picture 6 Taylor 3B
Picture 7 Melisa 4E
Picture 8 Asia 4P
Picture 9 Maja 5DH
Picture 10 Callum 5MH
Picture 11 Ezekiel 6R
Picture 12 Janelle 6PS

School Council Assembly

The school council and peer mediators created an anti-bullying booklet. This explains what bullying is and what you can do if you are being bullied. They presented this booklet to the rest of the school on Monday 10th December.

Anti Bullying Week

The School Council helped with this year's anti-bullying assembly with the theme 'choose respect.' They performed a range of role plays modelling respectful and disrespectful behaviour towards other children. Thank you for your help and well done for being so brave and performing in front of the whole school!

Primary Parliament

On Monday our year 5 and 6 school councillors took part in a Primary Parliament workshop. They had to carry out an air quality investigation and consider how our communities can become more eco-friendly.  

Anti-bullying Booklet

Anti-bullying Booklet 1
Anti-bullying Booklet 2
Anti-bullying Booklet 3

This week our school council have been busy writing an anti-bullying booklet which will be shared with all our pupils, staff and parents.

On Monday 10th December they will be leading a whole school assembly to introduce their booklet and all parents are welcome to attend.