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Southglade sing count on me

This year we are having the Bronze In-Harmony Package from Nottingham Music Hub. This will involve Whole Class Ensemble every week for Year 4's, and extra sessions for the children in Year 5 and 6 who wish to continue with their Music tuition using either the trumpet or trombone. We will also be part of the Music Area Band that takes place every week at Robin Hood. They performed at the Christmas in the City at the Concert Hall on 13th December.

Currently we have;
60 Year 4's learning the Trumpet or trombone
13 Year 5's having top-up
4 members of the Area Band
Here is a video of the Year 4s performing.

Year 4 Music

At a Christmas Singing Assembly recently, we learnt the following song. (see below)

It was on a starry night 2016

We also have a weekly Singing Assembly run by Mrs McCarthy, who will be teaching the children a variety of songs about friendship, getting along, British values such as Respect, and Challenge/Resilience (one of our School Improvement Priorities).