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Eco Warriors

 Children from years 5 and 6 planted 30 trees in our new garden area. They will be there for many years to come and will help to give shelter to many different creatures as they grow. This will be used as an outdoor area to help children learn about different habitats and life cycles of animals/plants .

 All the children involved really enjoyed the experience of planting their own tree and knowing it will be here after they've left Southglade Primary school.

 Massive thank you to Mick and Liam for all your help in our garden recently .

Our Eco warriors :-

Our Eco warriors :- 1


   Our Eco Warriors are working very hard to achieve the official Eco Green flag for our school.


   We now have an allotment to grow different fruit and vegetables for our kitchen to use . We have a  few flower beds to help encourage wildlife,and soon we will be making bird boxes and feeders ready for the winter months ahead. We have got 30 trees coming soon too so we made need parents/carers to help with the big dig (with the children).


   They are busy thinking of ways to reduce waste not only paper waste and rubbish but electricity,water,food and lots more .


. If you would like to be a part of our eco committee or to help with our gardening please contact Mrs.M.Mitchell .


Hello , this is just a quick up-date to let you know that we're still working extremely hard. We have been having meetings to discuss how to make Southglade more eco friendly. We've decided to focus on saving energy , re-cycling and litter picking along with bio-diversity.

We now have energy police and monitors , composters and litter champions and very soon we will begin growing plants and flowers for our garden again. Last year we had tomatos, leeks,peppers,herbs,cucumbers,gooseberries,sunflowers and other wild flowers to encourage wild life.

We will be doing our own assembly soon letting everyone know what we found out during in our review of Southglade and how to help make a wonderful world better.

The competition is on between classes to save energy, some are doing really well, others have recieved red cards!!!!!!

Thank you for reading .

Melisa Avdiaj and Katlyn Brookes